Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Park's Barbecue-Best in LA?

Hearing about Ludo Lefebvre's return to Los Angeles, we were excited to hit up Ludo Bites again. Almost two years ago, we experienced what many of us still consider the best meal we've ever had. Since we'd decided to have our next blogger dinner at Ludo Bites, we had even more reason to revisit Ludo.

Walking through the door of Breadbar brought back many memories. "William?" I looked up at the attractive waitress, and it was none other than Krissy, Ludo's wife. She seated us and we began our meal. Since Ludo was having opening week doldrums, and especially since Jonathan Gold rolled in, Ludo asked if we could meet at another time to discuss our future event. We decided to meet for Korean Barbecue.

If you hop onto their website, Park's BBQ has links to press from Irene V and J Gold pretty much proclaiming this joint as the best in K-Town. Although very decent, I would disagree. The meat was good, the soups were decent. The seafood pancake was heavenly, though. The best part of the evening was the conversation with the Chef himself. His passion came through in every word he uttered. Unfortunately, Krissy couldn't make it because their dog was mending. She is just as sweet and genuine as Ludo is...I would say they're the perfect couple.

The meal was solid, but the best? Not in my opinion. The experience with dining with Ludo? That was the best.
Park's BBQ on Fooddigger